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13 June 2010 @ 10:15 pm
Well, it's three weeks late, but we're finally here with our reaction to the "Lost" finale. Our reasons for not doing it sooner range from rational (work and school have kept us absolutely swamped... thank goodness it's finally summer!!!) to completely irrational (like the fact that we can hardly even think or talk about it being over without getting emotional... *sob*). In any case, considering that it's our favorite show of ALL-TIME and the best one that will probably ever exist, we couldn't NOT write out our final thoughts. So honestly, this is post is really just a cathartic exercise for ourselves, but please feel free to read if you are so inclined!!! :)

Wow, hardly know where to begin. Guess we'll start by saying the we LOVED the finale. Loved loved loved loved loved it. It's probably the most beautiful, poignant and moving episode of anything we've ever seen. EVER. Admittedly, we came into it very worried that we would be disappointed (it seemed inevitable, since we had SO much riding on wanting to be satisfied), but amazingly we weren't let down AT ALL. We've always cared more about the characters and relationships than about the hows, whys and whats of the island, so for the focus of the ending to be on what happened to each of the people that we loved so much... it was kind of incredible. Yes, of course we can understand why some viewers might be angry that we didn't get all of the answers (and we're definitely curious if the creative team even knew themselves what the heck any of it was), but it mattered to us much more to know that our characters got a happy ending. And BOY, did they ever. ♥

Going to now go through and comment on some of our favorite scenes...

Sun: "It's a girl."
Jin: "Her name is Ji Yeon."

The moment the music started we completely lost it. Talk about sobbing. It was such an absolutely beautiful moment for them to connect and remember everything that they had been through. Especially after their deaths in the episode a few weeks prior, it was just so amazing. And having Juliet there was perfect, too.

Claire: "Charlie."
Charlie: "Claire? Claire!"

Oh gosh, talk about another unbelievably PERFECT scene. We'd been waiting for this moment for SO long, and it was just absolutely AMAZING!!! *sob sob sob* It was fitting that this is what sparked Kate's memories, too.

Kate: "Tell me I'm going to see you again. I love you."
Jack: "I love you.
OMG. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! She said ILY... She FINALLY said ILY!!!! After six years of ups and downs, of believing in this couple against all hope, we finally got an exchange of ILY's. Wow, don't really even know how we got through the rest of the episode after that. ♥♥♥♥! And the meaning of this scene was incredible and heartbreaking, too... She didn't want to leave without him, but she looked into his eyes and knew that this was what he needed to do in order to find peace within himself, so she let him go. Just like he knew she needed to get Claire back home to Aaron. They sacrificed their own happiness for each other. Just beautiful.
Sawyer: "Juliet? Juliet, it's... it's me. It's me, babe... I gotcha... I gotcha, babe."
Juliet: "Kiss me, James!"
Sawyer: "You got it, blondie.
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Besides Jate, of course, this was the scene we were anticipating the most. Like we've always said, it's incredible how the writers were able to make us believe in this couple so completely after such a short time, but it's the truth. This scene was FANTASTIC. *sob* Absolutely loved the playful flirting intermixed with the incredible emotion and love. GAH!! And it's even more amazing to think back to when Juliet said "it worked" right before she died, and realize that what she meant was that she saw into the future and knew that they would find each other in the afterlife. SO AMAZING!!!!!!!

Jack: "And that's how I know you?"
Kate: "No, that's not how you know me. I missed you so much."

Wow, Foxy & Evi are so amazing in this scene. The way that she is staring at him with such love in her eyes, and how he has to look away because he is so affected by her. It's incredible how connected they are before they even touch. And when she touches his face and says how much she has missed him... *even more sobbing* We know that she got off the island, and lived her life (most likely helping Claire raise Aaron... Which is another thing we love; believing that she was close to his family), but he absolutely never left her heart. ♥

Jack: "Then how are you here right now?"
Christian: "How are you here?"
Jack: "I died, too."
This scene. OMG, THIS SCENE. We've never been shy about our love for Foxy and our belief that he's one of the best actors on television, and should have a shelf full of awards by now. But wow... his acting in this scene is beyond anything he's ever done. HE IS ABSOLUTELY UNBELIVABLE IN THIS SCENE. There has been some Emmy buzz for him recently, and honestly, we have NEVER wanted a nomination for anyone for anything more than we want one for him. He deserves it SOOOOOO much. And if he is snubbed again, we will seriously cry.

But beyond the acting, this scene was SO moving and left us absolutely speechless... What we took away from it was that the island was real, everything that all of the characters went through was real, and that they had finally reached the point where they had all died, and it was now time for them to move on... together. Wow wow wow wow. WOW. (And one more thought... we were SO happy that Jack & Christian were able to hug, tell each other that they love one another, and finally find peace with one another. *sob*)

Locke: "We've been waiting for you."
This is honestly the most beautiful scene of anything we've ever seen. There aren't even proper words to describe it, but we're going to try. Let us, of course, start with Jate... OMG, you guys, this is the most EPIC thing to EVER happen to us, fandom-wise. Our all-time favorite primetime 'ship, a couple we have loved since the FIRST EPISODE of this show, ended the series as soulmates, and we can honestly believe that they will spend the rest of eternity together. GAH, it's more than we could have ever hoped for. JATE = FATE. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!

Plus, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the rest of our favorite couples ended the show together. Sawyer & Juliet. Charlie & Claire. Desmond & Penny. Sun & Jin. Even Rose/Bernard and Hurley/Libby!!! :) And we were never huge fans of Sayid & Shannon, but we're happy that they had each other, as well. Not to mention Locke and Boone, who seemed to be just fine on their own. There really isn't anything more that we could have asked for. In the end, these characters and relationships were the most significant thing on the show, and what it was ultimately all about. They had all become FAMILY. There just aren't enough words... GAH!!!

Most of you probably know by now that Jack is our all-time favorite tv character (huh... all-time faves seem to be a common theme for us with this show!! ;) ), so you can probably imagine how absolutely gut-wrenching and heartbreaking this scene was for us to watch. To say that we were inconsolable would be a real understatement. It was even harder to watch than having George die at the end of Grey's two seasons ago, and that's really saying something. We both woke up the next morning feeling as though we were in mourning, like we'd lost a member of the family. His death probably shouldn't have come as a surprise, but the thought was always too upsetting to consider. :( But it was such a poignant and incredibly moving scene.

Doc Jensen from EW.com wrote up a description of the scene that is absolutely beautiful...
"Light flooded into the church. Jack smiled. It was real. It was all real. And in that moment, he was complete. Redeemed. Reconciled. Restored. He remembered his last moments on The Island. He remembered his sacrifice. He remembered he had lived a life, a hard life, a life full of mistakes and pain, but that in the end, the good in him won out, and that he died with his heart in the right place. He was a hero. And he let go. The End."
And also, Jorge shared the last nine lines of the script on his podcast...
The plane clears frame, finally free of the Island.

JACK SHEPHARD has done what he came to this place to do.

He has found his purpose, he has found love.

And been loved.

He has finally found a way to love himself.

The bamboo sways across the blue sky.

And JACK SHEPHARD's eye closes one final time.

He is gone.

The End.
It's hard to describe what this show has meant to us. It premiered at a time in our lives when we were going through some rough things, having to make some hard decisions, and it became an escape for us. It was also a show we were able to share with our mom and little sis. We'd go over to their house every Wednesday night to have dinner and then pile onto our mom's bed to watch the newest episode (sadly, they both got behind on the show during season four and then weren't able to ever get caught up... Once all of the six seasons are out on DVD, though, we've made plans to have some catch-up watching parties). It's just amazing how we grew to love and care about these characters so much. The show took us on such an emotional journey that ultimately left us heartbroken (because it's over), but also SO SO SO SO SO thankful that we were given the opportunity to love and adore this show. We can declare with the utmost confidence that there will NEVER EVER EVER be another show that means as much to us. Goodbye, Lost... you will be forever missed!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

And on a complete side-note, we know that some of you are fellow Jate fans, so we have to share the following incredible mvid. It is honestly the most AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL video we've ever seen. We can't watch it (or even listen to it) without bawling our eyes out. If you haven't watched it yet, DO IT NOW!! :)